What People say about Power Twist


Very interesting idea! This device could be very useful for teaching children learning jumping technique as well as for the highest level skaters looking to build explosive power into their elements and take their skating to the next level.
The flexibility of the device is very important. It could be used in many different positions to target the various muscles responsible for good jumps and spins. Very soon my 6 year old son will start learning jumps and I will definitely buy one for him!

Doug Ladret – International Coach – PSA Master Rated FS P. He is the 1988 Canadian national champion and competed twice at the Winter Olympics, in 1988 and 1992.

The Powertwist is one of the best training tools I use for my skaters. It helps my athletes correct their air positions, take off positions and much more. It truly helps my skaters calm down their arms and allow the natural flow & path of good jump technique to happen. I recommend this for any coach regardless of if they have a beginner or an International athlete.

JASON BROWN – 2 TIME WORLD JUNIOR MEDALIST, 2014 Olympic Bronze Medalist

“The power twist is an amazing invention which truly helped my jump technique. The innovative vest helped me readjust my form and attack my jumps with a new confidence and understanding. By providing resistance, the vest worked as a reminder to use my strength and power to improve my rotation and timing. Whether working on a single or triple axel or double or quad toe, I would strongly recommend the power twist to skaters at any level.”

Tom Zakrajsek

Olympic Figure Skating Coach, 7-time World Coach, Coach of 18 US National Champions, MS in Exercise Science ’01 PSA Coach of the Year.

“US Men’s Champion Max Aaron in action with the Power Twist during reps on 3lz. This device helps control the free side of his upper body on take-offs.” Follow Tom- @coachtomz. Another post by coach Tom on Instagram! 08/2013 “skateuniversal.com” Power twist demonstrated by Italian National Champion Paul Bonifacio Parkinson @paulio456 http://fb.me/1JKEcay


2013 U.S.A National Champion, 2011 U.S. National Junior Champion, World Competitor.

Thomas Verner – European Champion, 8 time Czech National Champion, Six Grand Prix medals

“To apply coaching technique not only to your students brain but also teach correct technique to their muscles: Try the Powertwist!”

Tom Hickey – US National and International Coach / PSA Master Rated / Level V Ranking

“As a coach I look for consistency in performance; therefore I need to see consistency in practice. The PowerTwist gives my skaters reliable arm and core routines. I find this extremely helpful because it takes pressure off the outcome and channels their energy into the details and execution of the jump or exercise. I highly recommend this training tool for all ages and levels.”

Kori Ade – National,International,Jr.World coach/choreographer

“Powertwist provides a very innovative way for skaters to develop proper position and timing with great efficiency. Through the use of tension bands, and with the versatile design of the harness, coaches can easily target and correct technical issues. The Powertwist is an amazing tool for helping to develop muscle memory, proprioception, consistency, and stability!”

Nick Belovol – World and Master Rated Coach

“The Powertwist is very helpful. Saves a lot of time by creating good muscle memory. It teaches correct arm movements and its fun for the skaters.”